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Player Finder Everton


Inside this app you will find history of all the players from Everton football club, from where they started to what they’re doing right now as well as the very latest up to date Transfer rumours! One of the main points of this app is for all the supports to be able to stay updated with the whole Everton squad players progress and easily being able to navigate to their social media pages to keep an eye on what they’re doing in their own personal life’s as well as professional careers, For example you’ve just watched a big match and obviously have your own opinions on the team’s performance and how your favourite players performed individually but want to know how they feel about their own performance or the game as a whole you could easily open this app and simply go directly to the players social media accounts and see what they’re saying about the match all by clicking one simple link or if you want to see what the entire teams saying as a whole there’s also links to the clubs official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As if that’s not reason enough to download this perfect app it also contains all the latest up to date transfer rumours about every player in the squad which will be updated when and where they’re going if they do transfer. As well as all of that, on the app you will have a player profile of every single individual player with a description on the players football career from the start and how they come about joining the Team, memorable moments in the players career like winning cups and trophies, Injuries that kept them out of playing for a period of time, contract information which is updated regularly, Date of birth, where they were born, nationality and achieves within their national team, position played, loan information, previous clubs and a very brief history of their achievements there. Everything you need to know on your favourite player in one place!Features:- Links to all of the player’s official Facebook page, Personal Instagram and Twitter.- TRANSFER RUMOURS! - Previous clubs- Birthdays- Achievements - Highlights at the club- Injuries - Contract details and changesAll the links to social media content we aim to be official and property of the players or the relevant people on behalf of the players, in the case of a player not having a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page the link of an official fan page for the player which is updated regularly and responsive is used in place.